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Should You Get Your Home Power Washed in the Spring or Fall?

Tips from Wash TEX, a New Braunfels Power Wash Service 

One of the most frequently asked questions we get a lot from our clients is when the ideal time is for them to use residential power washing services for their homes and other buildings of interest. Considering that the best seasons for power washing are during the Fall and Spring, we usually recommend these two (although it could be more) by pointing out the perks associated with having a power wash during either season.

What Are The Pros of Power Washing in Spring?

Like any other house cleaning activity, Power washing during the spring is the most beneficial, and it’s no wonder this annual exercise was even dubbed “Spring Cleaning.” One of the best ways to utilize that period is by employing your local power washing company in your city. Also, if you’re wondering why spring? Here are some pros for doing it in the spring:

Keep your Building Materials Safe

Winter weather has a long-term impact on your home or property. In the wintertime, snow and ice melt and refreeze, causing materials to fracture or shatter. The spring is the best time to power wash, removing muck accumulated during the winter.

Keep Mold and Mildew at bay

Rainfall and debris in warmer areas cause a pile of leaves and other items, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. Cleaning your roof, siding, and gutters during spring helps protect your surfaces from mold and mildew growth.

The weather is an added advantage

Suppose you’re doing it yourself or called a residential power washing service to clean your home. In that case, it’s easier, more efficient, and cheaper to powerwash your homes in the warm weather because you’ll clean more efficiently in the spring when it’s not too chilly or hot.

What Are Benefits of Having a Residential Power Wash During the Fall?

Depending on your location, power cleaning can be necessary for the fall. For some, an additional wash in the fall has the following advantages:

Wash off the dirt and pollen

In the fall, power wash your house to remove dust and plant debris accumulation. This option reduces allergens while keeping your surfaces clean.

Clean up the summer’s leftovers

Summer activities may leave sticky residues on your decks and patios. Power cleaning keeps stains and mold at bay.

Make your house winter-ready

A power wash in the fall protects your home from the winter’s cold conditions, reducing the labor load during spring cleaning. And it also eliminates leaves and debris, thereby decreasing mold and mildew.

It’s not news to folks in New Braunfels, Tx, that our cold and hot seasons are often extreme, and as such, we highly recommend getting your residence power washed at least once a year which will be best during the spring. Contact Wash Tex, your best and most reliable plug for home power wash service in New Braunfels, Texas, via (830) 822-8294.



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